Wingrave Village



The name Wingrave is said to be based on the name of a local Saxon land owner in pre-Conquest England named Withun. In the Domesday Book the name appears as Withungraue which is interpreted as Withun's Grove where perhaps Withun owned woodland for timber, fuel, grazing or hunting. (follow link to see entry for an alternative etymology in Wikipedia)

Jeffreys map of 1777 shows that the name was written as Wingrove at that time

The family name Wingrove is widely distributed around the world and it may be that it is derived from an individual who originally came from Wingrave or Wingrove. Further details can be found on the WWW at "Wingroves of the Wide World"

Books about Wingrave

"The Vale of Aylesbury" by Ken & Margaret Morley. Examines some of the events of the last 1500 years from the Saxon invasions to modern housing policy and tells the story of the Vale's involvement in such dverse matters as the Reformation, Enclosure, the Decline of Cottage Industries, Education, Transport and Farming. ISBN: 978 19 03747 86 5 Published by the Book Castle, Dunstable  Price £25.00 in the UK.

"The Great Upheaval" by Ken & Margaret Morley. An account of the agricultural enclosure of Wingrave with Rowsham and local life in 1798. 62 pp, Published by Kenneth C. Morley, ISBN 0 9515751 2 0. Price £6.95 in the UK including postage and packing.

"Grass Roots Democracy in Action" by Ken & Margaret Morley. A note on the formation of the first elected Parish Council for Wingrave with Rowsham in 1894. 5 pp, unpriced.

"Wingrave: A Rothschild Village in the Vale" by Ken & Margaret Morley, ISBN 1 871199 99 9, 309 pp Published by the Book Castle, Dunstable  Price £25.00 in the UK.

"The First 100 Years" edited by Bill & Gladys Phillips. A record of the lives of the individuals who worked on the Wingrave with Rowsham Parish Council since 1789 and put its plans into execution. 37 pp, Price £4.00 in the UK.

"Wingrave with Rowsham 2000" edited by Robin Moat. A snap-shot of the life, work, culture and environment of Wingrave and Rowsham at the end of the Second Millennium. Published April 2000. Please send an e-mail to the Editors if you would like to purchase a copy priced at £12.50 in the UK.